Consulting Services

ERC staff routinely conduct inventory of all natural resources on, and adjacent to project sites for integration in planning and protection. Natural resource inventory information and recommendation assists municipal planners, engineers and board members in making wise land use decisions. ERC can provide preparation of a full multi-media EA/EIR for new or expansion of existing facility.

ERC staff has completed numerous EA and EIR documents for a wide range of commercial or industrial facilities in the upper Midwest. Our team of biologists, ecologists and botanists provide a comprehensive group for identification and evaluation of environmental impacts to the natural resource community. We also conduct Endangered and Threatened Species Surveys for development, siting and planning projects. Our staff of biologists, ecologists and botanists provides expertise in identifying and reporting plant and animal species of concern for permitting and/or planning efforts of land development.

ERC staff can assist our clients with preparation and submittal of State and Federal grant program applications. ERC staff provide liaison with Federal, State and non-governmental organizations (NGO) for partnering assistance and grant funding. Cooperative partnerships can yield positive results in gaining and leveraging funding opportunities, and providing in-kind manpower that reduces costs and improves efficiency.

Click Here to download 2013-04-12 Figure 1 -  Kinnamon Comprehensive Management and Restoration Plan (CMRP) Map.pdf
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