Wetlands and Waterways

Determination and delineation of jurisdictional wetlands based on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1987 Manual, region specific regional supplements and/or State-specific wetland delineation procedures. ERC staff has delineated over 200 wetland boundaries in the United States, with the majority occurring in the Upper Midwest region. ERC staff has designed, implemented and monitored numerous wetland mitigation sites in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. ERC has also prepared numerous wetland mitigation plans for on-site and in-kind mitigation for various land developments.

Wetland restoration is one of the cornerstones of ERC and is the focus of many ERC projects. Our restoration successes are the result of many years of hands-on experience and attention to detail. Wetland buffer restoration almost always accompanies wetland restoration and completes the ecological framework of the wetland, upland and woodland continuum. Permitting for development or grading on the “bank” of waters of the State, wetland fill/dredging, culvert or structure on the bed of a State water, riprap and pier permits as well as all other permitting requirements for State and Federal programs.

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